Enter The Coven


“Trice around the circle’s bound Sink all evil into the ground Say it three times and end with, So Mote It Be!” [A Wiccan protection chant]

091013_ahscoveninitiationvidfeat-600x450The return of American Horror Story fell upon us last night, and this time they brought us witches and Southern Gothic. And Kathy Bates! As someone who finds Wicca and Paganism a glimmering curiosity, I’ve been rather excited for the content that is to come this season. Of course, in true AHS spirit, the look into such territory is flamboyant, manic, extravagant and obscene. It’s like a gay man’s Are You Afraid of the Dark. I’m excited for the leading ladies to blow us all away.

AHS-Coven_1_9_12_13american-horror-story-01AHSC-on-set-Jessica-Lange-and-studentsamerican-horror-story-coven-jamie-breweramerican-horror-story-coven-posteramerican-horror-story-coven-poster1tt1844624_american_horror_story_staffel_3_06In true Morning Passages spirit, this post wouldn’t be complete without stylings in the vein of witchy empresses, so you too can channel the forces of nature and mysticism: And so I give you designs from some of my favorite Sisters (of the Black Moon!)

anu2IMG_0461Anu Tera Draped Harness

SOTBM_9.22__7 SOTBM_9.22__16Zeppelin Maxi by Assali

SOTBM_9.22__43 SOTBM_9.22__47 Madison Maxi Skirt by Assali

SOTBM_DPround2_1-1 SOTBM_DPround2_6Sudri Skirt: DISIR collection by SOTBM

SOTBM_DPround4_22 SOTBM_DPround4_36Svala Maxi Cardigan: DISIR Collection by SOTBM

dsc_2637_editl1000679a l1000885b l1001432aAll clothing available at Sisters of the Black Moon. Editorial photos by Alexandra Valenti.

season of the witch

“Nightshade. That’s quite a name.” “And only fitting,” said Will Halloway. “I was born one minute before midnight, October thirtieth. Jim was born one minute after midnight, which makes…” – Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury

pagan items via 13 moons

my favorite goosebumps books as a kid

from top to bottom left to right: lover black mademoiselle dress, lover henna serpent dress, lindsey thornburg black widow dress {all via bona drag}

acne black pixel corset constructed bootie via oak

my “octoberfest” playlist via spotify

from top to bottom left to right: james long macrame dress, mcq alexander mcqueen zip coat, winter kate kamakura maxi dress, elizabeth and james marilyn printed long dress via shopbop

acne black spin wedge brogue bootie via oak

vintage mystifying oracle ouija board via ohiopicker etsy

Hope your Halloween weekend is full of spooks, treats and of course Victorian boots

xx Jessie