A Poisonous Glamour

Thanksgiving 2016 is complex. It’s difficult to feel entirely thankful when so much in America is awol. There are many precious things to be grateful for, but it’s also important to recognize the suffering of minorities, Native Americans at Standing Rock, women, and anyone who identifies as other. This state of confusion brings to mind a juxtaposed legend, my dearly beloved Leigh Bowery: the beautified monster.

enhanced-31970-1411758030-6 I recently re-watched The Legend of Leigh Bowery documentary, and am feeling inspired by off-putting opulence, which I think can be a real driving force.

efcfeadfff1c4b44536b4e8074d0f9d3 My wonderful sponsor, SHOPBOP, is having a sale and I wanted to share some overt pieces of clothing that I’m just mad about! Get em’ while you can! Sale ends late Thursday evening. For the record:

sale   screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-10-48-49-am screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-10-49-07-am screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-10-48-10-amASHISH

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-10-52-20-am screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-10-51-46-amRODARTE

the new purple boutique

Purple Magazine has launched a virtual boutique where you can select pieces from their savvy editorials and own them for yourself! See my favorite picks below:

From top to bottom left to right:

1. Rodarte’s cream cotton floral Embroidery Top    2. Prada belted wool coat    3. Haider Ackermann’s Gold sequin and metal cut-out skirt    4. Miu Miu’s Pink and silver glitter chamois peep-toe leather heels

For more visit: purple BOUTIQUE

photo recap of my spring 2011 LA vacation

Everybody wants to hate on LA for the industry townies, the traffic, the spray-tanned gym gerbils, the smog and the botox overkill, and sure, while all those things may hit your gag reflex, there is such a majestic coating over the town: I can’t seem to peel my heart away. The sky remains a cheerful shade of blue, always saying hello with the warmest of hugs, the sun is constant- pure and white, warming the pavements and smiles, and the hills, the ocean and the valleys are always around the corner for guidance and a sense of peace that only nature can bring you. Sure, it may have just been a week’s vacation, but the departure from the roar of New York City and its stirring fire and spears was more than settling.

venice canals + venice beach

griffith park {the film strip shots were not photoshopped but taken with my lomography sprocket rocket camera}

daniel successfully freaking me out {he was balancing on that ledge}

the kills at the music box in hollywood

still from rebecca’s art deco apartment @ rococo vintage

yeah, we’re kinda good-looking

the vintage collector’s treasure chest

gallery voila! in west hollywood- cabinet of curiosities with anatomical and antique art

rebecca next to a child’s skeleton riding a bike

book discovery! the title alone had me sold- i’m reading it now

scenic mulholland dr, david lynch’s nightmares

picturesque view from silverlake apartment

two hostesses themselves- jen and gimlet

roses in the sun

a favourite boutique in west hollywood, polka dots and moon beams

totally amazing heather’s window display at my favourite vintage spot, squaresville in los feliz

figaro cafe = YUM

my all-time favourite pastime in LA- the melrose trading post in west hollywood: antiques and vintage goodies GALORE

101 cafe in hollywood. johnny knoxville was sitting near me. but so were his lady and baby =/

gavin xo

japanese food that’ll knock your socks off

the cohen brothers

totally the best brunch one could hope for- square one

long talks, lots of coffee and records stores with my dear henry

rodarte exhibit at the moca

black swan costumes! they were so tiny, they literally looked fetuses could wear them

the moca didn’t have many pieces, so we went to checkout their collection @ opening ceremony

a dress fit for my dreams {since. in the real world, it’s over 8 grand. have fun with that, natalie.}

For more of my photography, see:

Jessie Askinazi Photography

black swan costume sketches by rodarte

Black Swan is certainly one of the finest movies produced in recent years, and certainly one of the finest American-made pieces of cinema to exist {in my humble: cough cough semi-pretentious opinion}.

It encompasses everything magical and haunting I love about the medium of film and is a tour-de-france silver-screen experience. The combination of audio and visual is overwhelming to the senses in the most lust-worthy of ways. Darren Aronofsky and Clint Mansell continue to startle my psyche, but this post is specifically dedicated to the Mulleavy sisters of fashion label extraordinaire RODARTE.

Unfortunately, I read an article on Fashionologie about how the miracle-worker sisters are in eligable to receive honor and prestige from the Oscars! Yet The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has no qualms handing one over to Sandra Bullock? The motion picture business is warped from the inside-out!

“Laura and Kate Mulleavy created 40 ballet costumes, plus all of Natalie Portman’s knitwear and dresses, for Black Swan, but don’t expect them to receive any nod from Oscar. If anyone gets an Oscar nomination for costuming the film, it will be Black Swan costume designer Amy Westcott, who received the “costumes by” front credit. The Mulleavys didn’t negotiate a credit as part of their initial deal, and they weren’t members of the Costume Designers Guild at the time (only guild members are eligible for nominations, and the sisters have since joined). The Mulleavys recently said they’re open to more film costuming opportunities, however.”

rodarte does godard

“Everyone knows that the girls behind Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, are heavy film buffs, taking vast amounts of inspirations from cinema costume and scripts into their very well received Rodarte collections. So it is of no surprise that they are now designing a line of tees in collaboration with Rialto Pictures to celebrate the 50th anniversary and rerelease of the French film Breathless.

Selling the two, new Rodarte t-shirt designs as well as hosting feature windows designed by the Mulleavy sisters, Barneys New York will be celebrating Breathless‘ anniversary in style.

“[Luc Godard] reformulated the visual language through which stories are told,” Laura Mulleavy said. “He is a renegade. In Breathless, he broke all of the rules and formulas within the lexicon of film. His use of wordplay, his interest in time, and his ability to translate stream-of-consciousness writing to images was groundbreaking.”

Kate adding “We have been influenced by Godard’s rejection of the status quo and have approached our work with the same desire to create outside pre-existing boundaries.”

One of the tees will feature the “New York Herald Tribune” logo that was displayed prominently on a shirt from the original film, will go on sale this spring at Barney’s New York, and abroad at Colette and Dover Street Market, which we are most excited about!

{source Anywhere Girl}

favorite designs/rodarte. spring 2010



I’m so obsessed with this collection and these self-taught sisters!

“Kate and Laura Mulleavy have indeed crafted their own baroque dream world (cue the dry ice that created a poison mist over a runway strewn with black grit). It’s an imaginary world that’s ferocious rather than precious, not to mention ferociously influential. And with its relentless gothic overtones, it’s particularly in tune with the moment.

This collection, which married primitivism to the sisters’ ongoing interest in futurism, was one of Rodarte’s most fully realized. If the silhouettes were familiar, the awe-inspiring construction of the garments represented the apotheosis of the techniques—in knitwear, printing, draping, and pastiche—that the Mulleavys have been refining season after season. Or, as Laura put it: “We ruined everything.” In other words, they aged, painted, burned, shredded, sandpapered, and otherwise destroyed all of the materials—including grungy scraps of plaid, plastic, cheesecloth, wool cobweb, crystals, macramé, leather, and more—until they bore only traces of what they had been originally. (Even their footwear collaborator Nicholas Kirkwood’s vertiginous heels are now so extravagantly studded that they barely resemble shoes—as a couple of teetering models discovered to their peril.)

The idea that someone could ‘be scarred and still beautiful’ was the collection’s leitmotif”- Laird Borrelli-Persson

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