Renaissance Festival Weekend

This weekend was “Time Traveler’s Weekend” at the Florida Renaissance Festival: the garments and decorum were Steam Punk influenced. I hadn’t been to a Renaissance Festival since I was in middle school and wanted to be in “The Craft”, but it was a fun-filled weekend amongst social outcasts that drink out of goblets.


Some of the things I found at the Renaissance Faire: Olde English comedians, glass blowers, archery, giant turkey legs (OF COURSE), fairies, crafts, clothing, beer, jewelry, medieval costumes, blacksmithing, jousting, traveling villages, poetry, art, pottery, harpists, friendly characters, birds of prey live in action and drunk middle-aged men.

0a03bec8a19e11e38221123a914d1abf_8 I met a Screech Owl named Pumpkin that was about the size of my hand. I have never been so enamored by a creature!

01ed4f56a1a311e3b4920e14431f43d4_84d394f26a18711e3815e12cd270dc62a_88aa643b0a26c11e38645127f205c258e_89f785596a1a211e39c0c12ad4d2f8dd0_8249efd7ea26b11e3840612c6dbb6fdb0_8659db328a26c11e38a29120622f885c2_8 PUMPKIN again.

843bd082a17f11e3bf9d12c01bfa12ed_8Fake Jared Leto with an Octopus beard on the left?

945ca39ea17d11e3b7b612382b3169b2_86331a22ea19111e3ad20122d17da2fab_8 Coolest lady of the land

60862d7aa25d11e39f1f120baa9f08c7_8My sister came to visit and demanded we go to the festival even though I had just went the day before. I didn’t exactly object- I would get to see PUMPKIN again!

19457188a1a311e39d6d127553f729f8_8 Quiet Waters Park was just beautiful over the weekend

99136320a1a311e38c14121c8f877194_8This Lazy Oaf dress was a hit amongst the weirdos, of course.

a810a7fca18011e3b6ab1261623df5e6_8b6e0d320a1a211e3bdb61213a23b8cab_8b6203466a1a311e3a08d0e239001fb18_8f39aced0a1a011e3ba4612e8f6d6917d_8c41b634ea1a111e384e51217c67f63a7_8At the end of each day, there is a sing-along that takes place with everyone on the grounds. It’s a great way to see all the colorful characters that sprawl across the landing. I’m really jealous I don’t know the words to the concluding song, but I waved my hands around and uttered some “errrrs” to pretend like I was in on it.

gmanOne recurring face that stuck out to me was “The Green Man”. Apparently, there are different versions of The Green Man according to location. Here’s what I’ve learned about this mystical, leafy, face: The Green movement and the women’s movement have picked up on the scientific Gaia hypothesis, which suggests that the planet Earth is a single living organism. The next stage of the ecological revolution begins with the reawakening of the male counterpart of the Goddess, the Green Man, and archetype found in folklore and religious art from the earliest times, and especially linked with Christian origins of modern science. Long suppressed, the archetype emerges now to challenge us to heal our relationship with nature. He’s a Pagan friend, and this beautiful wall art hails from Sugar Loaf, NY’s (That has the be the cutest name for a town): Garden Gothic

AGTOPANGATIEDYEKI-4T_1024x1024AGequinoxvelvetcrush-2T_1024x1024Fashions by American Gold for Spanish Moss 

season of the witch

“Nightshade. That’s quite a name.” “And only fitting,” said Will Halloway. “I was born one minute before midnight, October thirtieth. Jim was born one minute after midnight, which makes…” – Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury

pagan items via 13 moons

my favorite goosebumps books as a kid

from top to bottom left to right: lover black mademoiselle dress, lover henna serpent dress, lindsey thornburg black widow dress {all via bona drag}

acne black pixel corset constructed bootie via oak

my “octoberfest” playlist via spotify

from top to bottom left to right: james long macrame dress, mcq alexander mcqueen zip coat, winter kate kamakura maxi dress, elizabeth and james marilyn printed long dress via shopbop

acne black spin wedge brogue bootie via oak

vintage mystifying oracle ouija board via ohiopicker etsy

Hope your Halloween weekend is full of spooks, treats and of course Victorian boots

xx Jessie