Bewitched by a Fall Spell


Oh me oh my! There are so many wonderful designs up for grabs on Shopbop’s HUGE online sale! :O I’ve gathered some of my favorite pieces for this October-inspired post, and I hope you will enjoy. Take advantage for before time runs out! Tomorrow is the last day!



~Folky fashions~




Records for your autumn nights: 1) Matteah Baim- Death of the Sun 2) Rio en Medio- The Bride of Dynamite 3) Odetta- Sings Ballads & Blues 4) Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street


I recently dined at one of my favorite new restaurants, Christopher’s Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens. They serve organic, plant based food that will blow your mind! I follow their restaurant on instagram, and was excited about this dish which can also accompany the perfect fall evening: sautéed shiitake mushrooms served over jasmine rice, grilled artichoke, roasted sweet potato served with truffle ketchup (What even is that? I must know!), grilled asparagus and almond coleslaw!

It’s also worth noting that they make a ridiculously tasty chocolate mousse pie, which is made from cacao, cashews, coconut, dates, vanilla, pecans, and sea salt. I want 500 more, but that might perhaps be a bit gluttonous…


Rest in Peace David Bowie


Where would we be without him? The true embodiment of “Starman”- a hybrid of cosmology and a dealt hand of mortal-genius. This thin white duke, this glam-rock spider from Mars… He blurred gender binaries, or rather, demolished their confines entirely. Think of what he’s done for those who don’t fit the constructs of traditional gender roles- or who avidly deny them; how exhilarating it was to witness his fusion of masculine and feminine energy synthesize, and unfold under such a large spotlight. No one else wearing the crown of fame has been able to publicly strip down societal boundaries in such a necessary, charged way (especially during the time of his rise). And certainly never since. And certainly never again. Think of what he’s done for anyone estranged from formal thinking, strategy, or circumstance. He gave a stamp of “okay” to the hands of freaks in the gutters; better yet, he made them feel beautiful, worthy, and heard. When you listen to David Bowie, you are alarmingly individual- yet at the same time- connected to the fluid, wholeness of life. Glam rock meant exorbitant decadence but an acknowledgment of “otherness”. Junkies in tiaras. You bled to be gorgeous, and drowned in order to create an escape tunnel from the mundane. Oh, you pretty thing. He kissed punk rock ideology on the lips while simultaneously inhabiting the virtuosity of a true gentleman, hair slicked back and smoking slippers gliding on marble. What he’s done for other musicians and artists is uncanny; he’s graciously handed over his collection of colored chalk so that they may create their own poetical sidewalk pictures, winding down the roads ahead. His wild-hawk dance moves: sexual, unadulterated, primal, yet, finessed in an elegance of the finest-weaved linens. Where that grace comes from can only be the outer boroughs of galaxies unseen to the eye. The moonlight facing Great Britain glowed within his cheeks. His songwriting banded together skill, technology, innovation, and a baritone yearning. His lyricism challenged genres, acting as a trailblazer for metaphor; the language he contrived deeply immersed in emotive volcanic activity, humor, and political commentary. He brought avant-garde costuming into the mainstream, once again affirming that it is more important to be interesting than it is to be “pretty”. In terms of identity, each iconic conception he manifested was as if he was standing in the middle of a hall of mirrors- they were abstract, but very real reflections of this man, of all of us, really. The tricky thing about playing with the crafting of one’s identity is that often times, it can come across forced, non-organic, and gimmicky. But this pale, meticulous extraterrestrial fully inhabited each suit he stepped into, each makeup stroke, each platform heel, a living manifestation of theatrics. He personified the power behind A-R-T- and transformation made possible by performance (and therefore, spiritual empowerment). He was the glitter sprinkled on top of a drab institution. What’s more, he argued that one can be grand without being obnoxious and self-imploding. His hands held on to the flip-side of the coin, but he always turned it over. His vocal range was a mirror to milestones. A true rebel, rebel- years ahead- still, years ahead. Where would be without him?



Last night I had the opportunity to see a screening of She Said Boom – a documentary about the Canadian all girl band Fifth Column. These girls are everything I stand for and am inspired by: collaboration, feminist ethics, fighting the system, living for what you’re passionate about with little concern for money. Their story inspired so many others and lead to what became the Riot Grrl movement in the 90′s. They were also intensely interested in filmmaking and created lots of experimental work with Bruce LaBruce. GB Jones is a total icon, that thick red wavy hair and perfect vamptress aesthetic. It was a great film and if you have the chance to see it in your city, you must!

LA bands in July

One of the best parts of living in LA is all the great talent that is available- especially the music scene! There are so many venues promoting and sharing the music of up-and-coming artists, even I force myself out of my cocoon to see performances from all walks of life.

This month, I attended a few different shows both for work and for pleasure, and here are a couple of snapshots of musicians I recommend!




My babes Skylar and Piper of PURO INSTINCT playing at Los Globos (photos by Jessie Askinazi- moi!) Check out an article I did featuring some photos I took and a list of their favorites over at Bullett 



Guy Blakeslee of the entrance band performing some of his new solo work at Los Globos. He has one of my favorite voices and is an incredibly inspiring artist. He makes beautiful collage work to accompany his albums- definitely check it out. Photos by me!


Singer/Rock N’ Roll God Danny Cieplinski of The Vigils. I got to see these killers play at The Kitty Club at Boardner’s in Hollywood. They’re definitely one of the only  bands around to bring you the true rock n’ roll experience.

997700-R1-37 copy

Singer Wynter Gordon of THE RIGHTEOUS YOUNG at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. Photo by Jessie Askinazi (moi!) Wynter has one of the most beautiful, powerful voices and her band’s set was one of my favorite shows I have seen in years. She brings so much passion and pop but knows how to have fun and take over the stage. She’s a serious soulful savage superstar.


All I’ve Got is Time: Recent Inspiration


My top 5 favorite NYFW shows are as follows:

heart+ With all the media attention on Woody Allen and the Farrow women, this is perhaps the best essay I have ever read about sexual abuse: Woody Allen is Not a Monster. He is a Person. Like My Father.
After one of the best actors who ever lived died [Phillip Seymour Hoffman], Russell Brand wrote this insightful look into addiction: My Life Without Drugs
Marissa Nadler is one of my favorite vocalists and her records mean so much to me. She just premiered a new video Was it a Dream” exclusively on Refinery 29 from her latest album July
+ A beautiful note
my friend Jason Nash wrote about his wife on Valentine’s Day
+ As much as I adore fashion design, I have an extreme distaste toward the politics and bullshit of the industry: Jamie writes a hilarious look into his fashion week experience
+ Some thoughts on: the censorship of nipples

mtvI’ve been catching up on recent movie releases and tv series. Seriously, there’s almost no point in watching anything other than HBO or Netflix shows at this point. Also, is this the year of Matthew McConaughey? I always thought he was an ab-flashing tool (can’t say that I still don’t) but he is in fact a super talented one. Jared Leto’s performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club made me scream multiple times because he was so P-E-R-F-E-C-T in the role: It was giving me a complex as he’s been my dream man since the days of Jordan Catalano yore!

From top to bottom L to R: House of Cards, True Detective, Dallas Buyer’s Club, HER.

albumzAnd now for some tunes! Lee Ranaldo: Between the Times and the Tides, Marnie Stern: The Chronicles of Marnia, Experimental Aircraft: Third Transmission, The Black Belles: The Black Belles, Dum Dum Girls: Too True, Young Prisms: In Between


The Punk Singer Documentary


punk_singerSini Anderson directed this documentary about Kathleen Hanna’s (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin) life, and it’s inspired me every day since I watched it: A woman that started out making grassroots efforts with her spoken word poetry, was responsible for crafting the riot grrrl movement in the 90′s- an important player of punk rock feminism, and has performed some of the most powerful and unafraid performances I’ve ever seen. Her unwillingness to backdown or shut up makes her a wildfire, and it was a hugely visceral experience as both an artist and a woman when I watched this film. Find out if it’s playing in big cities near you, or rent it on itunes!


Cassingle and Loving It: Friends and Acquaintances

OK- so- my friends of the band Pocket of Lollipops introduced me to this ridiculously cool label out of Portland called Cassingle and Loving It, and I am in fact loving it: They distribute limited edition style cassettes with digital downloads by budding artists!

Their compilation “Friends and Acquaintances” has some of the best tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Who are these Tiny Knives warriors? What is going on? Why is public radio so bad when pots of gold like these exist? YOU NEED TO GET IT, it’s only $6 which is basically a Pumpkin Spice Latte (and you can own it forever instead of urinating it out 10 minutes later, so, good deal). PURCHASE HERE AND SUPPORT TALENT!

Track Listing:

1. A Happy Death – Ghost House
2. Broken Water – Bad Leader
3. Genders – Golden State
4. The Happening – Lost Boys
5. Sadhorse – One Thing At A Time
6. Tiny Knives – Teysha Man-Child Dwarf March
7. Lunch – Bath Party
8. Marc – Goodbye Youth
9. Jan – Some Bite/Some Bitten
10. We Miss The Earth – Ending Chorus
11. Ghost Ease – XV (live)
12. Pink Slip – See You Wilde
13. Charts – Settling Down
14. Nucular Aminals – Alice Day
15. Young Dad – Spooky
16. Bam! Bam! – Something Aweful
17. The Shady Characters – It Doesn’t Work Out
18. The Prids – I’m Sorry
19. Week Of Wonders – Touch Of Pearls
20. Busy Scissors – Spaceship Love

Here’s an awesome interview between Pocket of Lollipops drummer Tony Kapel and the label (which consists of Rachel Rhymes and Em Brownlowe) on Tuff Gnarl

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