Feminasty Shirts


Hi guys! I wanted to take a minute to blog about my new favorite t-shirt line Called Feminasty. Feminasty shirts are designed by the wonderful artist Aurora Lady in Los Angeles, and represent girl power, unity, feminism and empowerment. What could be better? Or cuter, for that matter.



“The “Girl Gang” concept is more than just four tee shirts. It’s about capturing lightning in a bottle — that feeling of elation and pure sonic fuckin’ joy when you know your own power and articulate your voice. It’s about seeking out and actively creating relationships with people who not only understand you, but encourage you. It’s about simultaneously celebrating the rich history and the flaws of feminism, and moving forward to repair, be aware, and keep on keepin’ on. When you receive your tee shirt, you’re not only getting a piece of clothing, you’re getting a piece of art. You’re getting a design that’s been 15 years in the making (as long as I’ve been a self-identified feminist!) and even longer as these ideas existed in the minds of those before me. These tees are meant to be conversation starters. They are meant to be homing devices so that you can find your own Girl Gang. Most of all, they are meant for you to do some wild and true living for yourself, however you choose to define that.” – Aurora Lady



This one is my personal favorite and the one that I purchased- the infamous “burning bra”. A great play on traditional feminist misconceptions, and owning the truth.



Photography by Jennifer Emerling

Buy a shirt/support the artist here/be a Feminasty HERE!


Rainbow Virtual Reality

Hello, sugar plums!


Here is an interview I did for Hillbilly Magazine where I discuss the origins of creativity, the advancements of technology, and everything I am about. Hope you like it!

And below, recent lovely findings I’ve happened across:

10293952825_7df231856b_k10293844194_88763e066f_z10293844544_7e4f9bd07b_c10294064783_23f9f5b1bc_c10293845044_3ca4a01af9_zJohn Chae digital illustrations 

_P6A8286-cut-web_1_jpg_800x600_q85 _P6A8289-web_jpg_800x600_q85Siggi Eggertsson at Spark Design Space in Reykjavík, Iceland

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC o-RAINBOW-MOUNTAINS-900UMM. These are real. Rainbow Mountains In China’s Danxia Landform Geological Park. Sprinkle my ashes here, ok?

Marisol Díaz de León

Hello, lovely friends and moon beams!

I am sharing with you some very colorful and cool artwork by Marisol Díaz de León (nickname Makoto).

Her website has so much of what I love- Lisa Frank stickers and 90′s teddy bear stickers and an old school PC set up with 8 bit graphics and smiley faces and Halloween. What could be better?


Lactose Intoler-art

I REALLY REALLY love these illustrations by Brandon Reierson of Lactose Intoler-art. They remind me of old Nick toons like Doug and Rugrats (but the characters are far better dressed!) Brandon hails from Oklahoma but currently lives in Tokyo- JEAL-OUS! Fashion can often be a cartoonish way of expression, so he nails the integration of the two worlds quite fabulously!

Esther Loves You: Pastel Girls in Hollywood

Clearly, I’ve found my dream illustrator: ESTHER KIM! This pastel-loving babe was born in LA and spent her teen years in Tokyo- both influences strongly dispersed throughout her artwork. I’m gonna need to ring her and ask if she’ll draw murals all over my world. I want to be surrounded by Candyland!

Craig & Karl for MCM

Dyyying! Pop-art goggle eyes against elegant tan leather? Oh, just a capsule collection by design duo Craig & Karl for German luxury brand MCM. I’ll take one of each, please! The illustrations for these accessories are part of their “Eyes On The Horizon” project. Designers Craig Redman and Karl Maier have worked on projects for Google, Nike, Apple, and have also exhibited their work at the Louvre.

Works by Kevin Arrow

Miami Artist Kevin Arrow is all about obsolete media (which is why I’m attracted to his stuff). He’s exhibited at all the cool galleries and spaces down here since the 80′s, and has an outdated-looking website, which I also like. He collects weird items like canned meats, ocean findings and nostalgic toys. He worked at the MOCA and is now on board at a Science Museum.


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