Bewitched by a Fall Spell


Oh me oh my! There are so many wonderful designs up for grabs on Shopbop’s HUGE online sale! :O I’ve gathered some of my favorite pieces for this October-inspired post, and I hope you will enjoy. Take advantage for before time runs out! Tomorrow is the last day!



~Folky fashions~




Records for your autumn nights: 1) Matteah Baim- Death of the Sun 2) Rio en Medio- The Bride of Dynamite 3) Odetta- Sings Ballads & Blues 4) Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street


I recently dined at one of my favorite new restaurants, Christopher’s Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens. They serve organic, plant based food that will blow your mind! I follow their restaurant on instagram, and was excited about this dish which can also accompany the perfect fall evening: sautéed shiitake mushrooms served over jasmine rice, grilled artichoke, roasted sweet potato served with truffle ketchup (What even is that? I must know!), grilled asparagus and almond coleslaw!

It’s also worth noting that they make a ridiculously tasty chocolate mousse pie, which is made from cacao, cashews, coconut, dates, vanilla, pecans, and sea salt. I want 500 more, but that might perhaps be a bit gluttonous…


2014 Update

cute-091_zps9df3a894First and foremost, I’d like to wish all of my readers a happy and healthy new year. 2014 sounds so Artificial Intelligence, but I welcome the change with open arms.

In the coming year, here are a few things I wish to tackle:

1. Sign up for a media and communications school program so I can learn more and gain additional experience. Ace all the classes!

2. Work on publishing my own zines, perhaps with a partner?

3. Do more editorial work and less event shoots.

4. Write every day.

5. Read every day.

6. Spend less time on social media, and make an effort to participate in more phone calls and Skype sessions!

7. Get myself into a stabilized and comfortable independent financial situation.

8. Take care of myself overall, and squash the bad voices like a bug. Believe in myself.

9. Draw more.

10. Start up singing lessons and dance classes again.

7During the first week of the new year, I visited my uncle in New Port Richey, FL (which is on the west coast near Tampa). We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years and that was far too long in my book. I was excited to see his new house on the water and of course TAKE THE BOAT OUT!

65f59826c73e611e394e012baf4630b57_88a33cda873e611e3ade30e574d92f38f_86029d32475a111e3b58a12d7702048c9_8c83f3b5a75a311e3baa70ee993691f36_8There were plenty of dolphins swimming all around us. Such beautiful creatures.

c4c73c0273e611e3919112b4bd71aab5_8Drifting in the middle of The Gulf was so peaceful. I’m pretty okay with no people surrounding me.

9687f8c9f02749911e3a5d612f86b3e3bb7_8We drove out to Crystal River with a few of my uncle’s friends for a private boat tour of Crystal Springs. But that’s not all! We had the blissful opportunity to SWIM WITH MANATEES for two hours. Not just a couple of manatees, either- there were a couple hundred bobbing through the shallow green waters. At first I was a bit nervous because manatees are… gigantic in size and in weight. I didn’t want to stir them or make them uncomfortable in their habitat. Luckily we had a great instructor who taught us everything we needed to know (including the fact that they are vegetarian- phew), and from there on out it was smooth sailing. Or, swimming.

11744041755_7c0114989c_z11744065715_88b307dc1a_z11743921665_1bd70df7a2_z11744310273_34e16e085b_z11744865806_3921fbe820_z11744353273_34947e869b_zThe baby manatees were the friendliest. They’d graze against my feet and one of them even wrapped its fin around my waist, pulling me close and held onto me. Their skin felt like a combination of sand paper and slimy algae. When they’d get excited, they’d roll over on their back and let you stroke their bellies. It was one of the best experiences I’ve partook in.

tumblr_mh0ojcS1CF1r7y61oo1_250d0bd1f3674b811e381ef12a1d68e45c4_8After warming up with hot cocoa, we went for a Bailey’s coffee at The Monkey Bar in Homosassa, FL. The double-decker tiki bar overlooks their very own Monkey Island, full of primates which swing and play and huddle with their families.

59f4e6ce74c011e394581252b655b151_8We had dinner at Neon Leon’s: The cajun restaurant is owned by Leon Wilkeson- the Bass Guitarist for Lynyrd Skynard. I dined on grouper and fried green tomatoes. The entertainment was probably my favorite part- a multi-talented musician jammed and was quite the comedian as well. The restaurant had a super laid-back atmosphere with some dirty south vibes… and lots of laughs.

tumblr_m8nn91OKVl1qbs47qe4028d50756311e3840012be65616916_8The following day we went to Tarpon Springs (home to the Sponge Docks + world’s finest sponges) for a farewell lunch with our friends. We ate authentic Greek cuisine at Hella’s- and it was HELLA GOOD (sorry had to). I had a gyro platter and we shared Saganaki + Taramosalata. There was no shortage of sangria, either!


ed6cb3ac756d11e39fe712631b20df5c_846b87c32767911e38c040ef4b990c248_8In one of the little souvenir shops, I found a preserved seahorse and knew I had to bring it home with me. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a seahorse, but they’re hard to take care of and don’t live very long. I’m find with a dead one- I’m going to display it in a shadow box and make a little assemblage with it.

tumblr_mioov84uKH1r7y61oo1_100Have you heard? Baby, it’s cold outside. I happen to be in South Florida so I’m lucky to be out of the chilling temperatures, but today was actually the coldest it’s been all winter and I for one was majorly excited. This is because I got to wear my Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop sweater for the first time: It’s a dream!

sweaterhot_chocolate_wicked_1choc-hugmug-1Hot chocolate recommendations: Jaques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate, or if you’re near any of the locations, Max Brenner Italian milk hot chocolate- extra thick!

Stay warm out there!

New York Scrap Book: August Edition

HELLO ALL! I apologize for my brief hiatus (Clearly, you were all at home biting your nails and hyperventilating). I was flown to New York as part of the launch for the new online marketplace VidBid, which is the world’s first video shopping experience.

Sellers on VidBid can broadcast live or record a short video about their item or a service, and be connected with viewers who can purchase straight from the video (it’s kind of like Ebay combined with QVC, but a lot more fun and creative). Videos to come!

Here’s some of my instagrams as well as a few film photographs from my trip:

My dress via ASOS

top via ASOS, shorts by American Apparel, bag from Hayden-Harnett

wearing Lazy Oaf dress

Free People Dress via Shopbop

printed top via Shopbop

shoes from Mary Meyer by Outsider 67


Sleepovers on the Upper East Side//Cuban dinner at Agozar on The Bowery//red Sangria at Havana de Alma Cuba//Ethiopian pop-up restaurant at Mama Joy’s in Bushwick//The Pearl bar in Bushwick//video segment for Vidbid at Enchantments NYC in the East Village//underground kawaii mall in China Town//Stefania Pia djing at The Leadbelly// lots of bubble tea//Japanese style hot dogs on St Marks//video segment for Vidbid at Treehouse in Williamsburg//Stefania Pia studio visit + photo shoot of model Stacie Janelle wearing Stefania Pia’s FLUO necklaces and 4EYES sunglasses in collaboration with Selima Optique//a dreamy walk through Greenpoint//watching the ferry go by on the river//a visit to Lomography//graffiti and murals everywhere//8ball zines at The News Stand in the G train station//a sit in Washington Square Park//Red Bamboo vegetarian food//Coney Island adventure//homemade asparagus ravioli and a screening of It Happened One Night//Mexican smoothies//DOUGH donuts//shoes from Mary Meyer in Bushwick//best friends

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Chef Miguel Aguilar dishes up innovative Latin-influenced cuisine combined with insane graffiti art at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar in Miami. The menu offers a variety of flavorful small plates, which gives guests the freedom to mix and match dishes.

And now to our meal!

black bean + herb crema soup

steak chorizo

chicken cilantro crema empanadas

pork belly adobo rubbed, black lentil salad, sweet potato

red snapper, corn salsa, fennel and herb salad

bread pudding with guava

All Photographs @ Jessie Askinazi (moi)

Yardbird Southern Table And Bar: Miami

Outfit time: vintage sunglasses from Polka Dots N’ MoonbeamsBlood is the New Black muscle tee exclusively for Urban Outfitters, chiffon skirt from Forever 21Cheap Monday cube bracelet, pixelated fruit tote from random shop in China Town (NYC), boots from Urban Outfitters

On my way to South Beach!

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar was recommended to me by the lovely Jennifer Ortiz of Bits of Beauty. The restaurant was totally my style, aesthetically and menu-wise; Southern Hospitality at its finest MMMMMMM! Jeff McInnis is the executive chef was raised in a town called NICEVILLE (of course I had to capitalize that) and the Chef de Cuisine, Phillip Bryant, grew up exposed to home-cookin’ daydreams courtesy of Virginia. The two make a tasteful team combining Southern cuisine and localized farming (blah blah blah… THE FOOD IS SO GOOD!) Point in case:

Gowgeous Miss Jenn!

Mama’s Chicken Biscuits: Free-range fried chicken, pepper jelly, pickles, housemade buttermilk biscuit

Chilled Watermelon: Spiced with pepper, tossed with lemon and herbs

Shrimp n’ Grits: Florida shrimp, crisp Virginia ham, Adluh SC stone ground grits

The branding is handled by 50 Eggs Inc. (hence the killer type and design everywhere!)

All Photographs @ Jessie Askinazi (moi)

old-timey product packaging

Americana relics from the 1950′s-1970′s are some of my favorite to collect and observe. I suppose it represents a simpler time to me; when we were more human than robot, and latching on to nostalgia from eras past is a romantic odyssey. I admire the branding, packaging and advertising from decades ago- especially on common household items which we barely take notice of nowadays.

Likewise, a photo friend who goes by Roadsidepictures on Flickr has similar interests. He likes photographing old neon signs, cars, motels, gas stations, roadside attractions and suburban life; all of which I’m seduced by. I decided to compile some of my favorite images he’s collected of American packaging and share them here.

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