Bewitched by a Fall Spell


Oh me oh my! There are so many wonderful designs up for grabs on Shopbop’s HUGE online sale! :O I’ve gathered some of my favorite pieces for this October-inspired post, and I hope you will enjoy. Take advantage for before time runs out! Tomorrow is the last day!



~Folky fashions~




Records for your autumn nights: 1) Matteah Baim- Death of the Sun 2) Rio en Medio- The Bride of Dynamite 3) Odetta- Sings Ballads & Blues 4) Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street


I recently dined at one of my favorite new restaurants, Christopher’s Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens. They serve organic, plant based food that will blow your mind! I follow their restaurant on instagram, and was excited about this dish which can also accompany the perfect fall evening: sautéed shiitake mushrooms served over jasmine rice, grilled artichoke, roasted sweet potato served with truffle ketchup (What even is that? I must know!), grilled asparagus and almond coleslaw!

It’s also worth noting that they make a ridiculously tasty chocolate mousse pie, which is made from cacao, cashews, coconut, dates, vanilla, pecans, and sea salt. I want 500 more, but that might perhaps be a bit gluttonous…


recent works from Noa Azoulay-Sclater

I have, like, the most talented friends. That’s right- bragging rights mandatory- I’m lucky.

One of these pirate treasures is Miss Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography. If you’ve been tuned into my collective ramblings for some time you’ve probably heard me praise her drop-dead-gorgeous photo works and in turn are probably nauseated by my public infatuation.

I just had to post some of her most recent buzz-worthy imagery, including promotional photos for the amazing Psychedelic band Astra (Um, how sexy are those cobalt blue tones and light beams? Be-still, my heart!)

Aside from her photography, which she’s predominately known for, she has successfully continued to make my brains explode in an 80′s horror fashion with her VIDEO projects. During the course of our long-distance sisterly love, she’s told me the stressful woes about ripping out her hair and kicking her own ass while assembling a short film she’s worked on for years. I’d be like, “Shut up and finish the thing already!” (Albeit for purely selfish reasons because I wanted to watch it, but also because I knew her cinematic eye would create something so special that would bring more opportunities her way.) I just about exploded into confetti pieces when she had THE NERVE to ask me if I wanted to watch the video because she finally completed it and posted it online. It’s kind of a delicate thing when your friends ask you to experience their creations; it’s sensitive. SURPRISE-SUR-FUCKIN’-PRISE, her film The Alchemical Poisoning of Magus Sherwood is a big lit-bomb of euphoria and I was obsessed from the first moment on.

She also made a video of musicians Tim and Nicki Bluhm (whom I’d never heard before and am now also drooling after) which has been getting a ton of hits and hype: I LOVE THE SONG!

Anyway blahblahblah, looksie looksie!

The Alchemical Poisoning Of Magus Sherwood from Noa Azoulay-Sclater on Vimeo.

behind the scenes with sisters of the black moon

I’m super excited to share with you exclusive photos Sisters of the Black Moon sent me!

I’ve been following the folky trios’ webstore/tumblr/internet dabblings for a chunk of months now: It’s about time I gave them their own post, and it features behind-the-scenes photos from their upcoming editorial shot by Alexandra Valenti! Bewitching…

Sisters of the Black Moon (aka Sara Larocca-Ramm, Rachel Hunt and Alecia Marcum) opened in February 2010 . Based out of Texas, the ladies have created an online vintage store combining a mix of rock & roll threads, Victorian inspired antiquities, hand-crafted amulets & emblems.


For more eccentricities for the shadows of your soul, visit Sisters of the Black Moon

to the gypsy that remains

so i’m back to the velvet underground
back to the floor that i love
to a room with some lace and paper flowers
back to the gypsy that i was

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