Outtakes from Stefania Pia studio visit

When I was just in New York, I visited my beautiful friend Stefania Pia at her home/work studio in the East Village. I took some photos for Purple Diary and wanted to share a couple of my favorites that weren’t published. DREAM TEAM!

Model Stacie Janelle is wearing Stefania’s jewelry line: FLUO necklaces and 4EYES sunglasses (designed by Stefania Pia in collaboration with Selima Optique)

And my girl Stefania Pia herself, all smiles in her studio, in front of her collages

Space Age Pipe Dreams

Space Age Fashion (and architecture) are some of my favorite styles in the history of design. The Cold War and space exploration set the U.S. against the USSR, and the runway results were precise tailoring, clean lines, futuristic shapes, geometric prints, tunic pant suits, cut outs, white boots and mini dresses with linear silhouettes. Prime players of the movement included Courrèges, Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro, Paco Rabanne and Rudi Gernreich.

Excited for my Courreges book on the way!

crowded teeth

Crowded Teeth is a whimsical, sweet line of characters with a bold, fresh graphic influence. Created with an eye pleasing color palette and a fun sense of humor, the designs appeal to all ages!

Michelle Romo is a self-taught illustrator and designer. Her influences include Mid-Century, Japanese, and Scandinavian design and pretty much anything cute.

SUPER MINI UNIVERSE: “The plan for Super Mini Universe is to do alternating months of illustration and construction for a year to create a giant cohesive year long art project. Starting March 1st, I would draw something every day building a month long super illustration. Then in April I would build a physical, 3D version of what I drew in March using various media and techniques, including layered laser cut wood, plush, stained glass, paint, paper etc. Illustration would start again in May, picking up where March left off, and in June I would go back to construction, and so on. At that end of the year I would have one continuous, enormous illustration of the Super Mini Universe, and a huge, cohesive 3D version of it as well!”

Super Mini Universe details

Crowded Teeth pop-up shop at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

For more information about Crowded Teeth and Michelle Romo visit:

Crowded Teeth Website

Crowded Teeth Blog

NYFW: suzanne rae FW2012

This was my first year attending an official NYFW show at Lincoln Center. Hooray!

I was invited to the Suzanne Rae FW2012 presentation

My favorite part of the experience was obviously all the intricately curated outfits by members of the fashion industry and design lovers from all over the world. The outward expression of personality was overwhelming in my favorite of ways (and this guy above was my hero of the day). If you were to see such bold ensembles as a passerby on the street you may raise an eyebrow, but the freakish efforts were endearing and unifying; everyone belonged!

Speaking of unifying, I loved how Suzanne’s collection flowed so neatly. Apparently Ms. Rae was inspired by the spirits of Jim Morrison, Aldous Huxley and William Blake. There were lots of structured sheath dresses, tails, draping, deep-cowl back lines, fringed necks and attached capes. Just beautiful!

lion blau fashion design

I was lucky to find Lion Blau’s work through some random web archive or another, and was impressed beyond belief. His craft is anything but amateur, and I only expect mammoth, volcanic creations from him in the future.

Here’s what he had to say about the inspiration for his latest collection in an email he sent me:

“My new collection is inspired by alien oceanic societies. My head is always exploding with those kind of things. It started with newly discovered life in our deeo ocean, marianna trench, where organisms live without oxygen and sunlight, so the foundation of what “life” actually is had to be completely rewritten. After this discovery, the possibility of alien life forms is much higher. Right now the highest possibility of alien life lies in Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Huge ice crust with an ocean of approx. 90 km depth. So, my collection is a picture of how those alien life forms on Europa could look like, and what there society is based on, pretty primitive like our ancient societies. Civilians, Warriors, Priests and Royals”

Is he not a fantabulous gem? I feel like Christopher Columbus here. Phew!

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