Rene Ricard Paintings

René Ricard was a poet, art critic and painter represented by the Vito Schnabel Gallery in NYC. He starred in Warhol films and his articles for ArtForum magazine helped launch the careers of Basquiat, Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel and Francesco Clemente.

Sadly, he just passed away on  February 1, 2014 from cancer and I wanted to share his poems in the form of paintings.

images 8images (1)4bca12fcfff2fcfbaf500dbab8cb880dimages (3)images (2)images (4)051311-ricard-schnabel05051311-ricard-schnabel02051311-ricard-schnabel04ReneRicard_SometimesItsOKtothrowrocks_blackframe051311-ricard-schnabel03051311-ricard-schnabel096a00d8341c1ad253ef01a73d6d05c8970d-800wiNYC fall 2011 032744a993f1.19ReneRicardphoto-5photo-67images276f9b90images216cb9f4744281360274a5c2e5074e704



“Confident simplicity, subverted classics and a hint of kink.”

Australian duo Ashe Peacock and Geoffrey J. Finch (Creative Design Consultant at TOPSHOP) are the masterminds behind the UK line ANTIPODIUM. Unsurprisingly, #givemeitall !!!

Everything is cooler in East London. Sorry, New York.


UH HUH HER: Amy Cakes

uhhuhherHey everyone! I’m really excited to introduce my new feature entitled UH HUH HER (named after the unruly spirited PJ Harvey album) where I will share photos and stories of some of my favorite inspiring ladies.

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now because I am acquainted with so many fabulous femmes, and as I’ve been delving further into the depths of feminist theory in my readings and writings, I’ve been more inclined to spread awareness of engaging women that make the world a stronger and more vibrant place.

I hope you enjoy this series, and stay tuned for many more incredible personas!

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 12.37.41 AMIMG_8330-2I first met AMY CAKES during Art Basel 2012: The NYC nightlife party Westgay was hosting a party at The Shore Club in Miami Beach, and I went to photograph on behalf of Whitewall Magazine (see photo I took above). I was immediately tantalized by Amy’s space-glam ensemble and her fiery orange hair. In fact, during a week of Fendi heels and exclusive guest lists, I was overjoyed to meet a girl with such a unique style and sense of individuality. She easily became my favorite person to take pictures of during Basel- it was like a breath of fresh air- but that’s how the Westgay event felt overall. All the drag queens and club kids were dancing together and encouraging acceptance and unity- there weren’t raised eyebrows and egos, or depthless handshakes. Ever since, I’ve been following her Tumblr and Instagram. I’ve been smitten by Amy’s cartoonish costuming (her work with the NYC brand Degen has been so cool to see unfold). She truly creates a concept when she dresses and demonstrates a walking exhibit. What other girl do you know that covers her face in googly eyes? Queen! She incorporates glam punk, sea punk, cyber goth, kawaii and a lolita rebel into her wardrobe (so obviously I dig her infusions). I admire her daring choices and willingness to embrace her character publicly without apology, and I’m honored to feature Amy as my very first UH HUH HER subject.




2014 Update

cute-091_zps9df3a894First and foremost, I’d like to wish all of my readers a happy and healthy new year. 2014 sounds so Artificial Intelligence, but I welcome the change with open arms.

In the coming year, here are a few things I wish to tackle:

1. Sign up for a media and communications school program so I can learn more and gain additional experience. Ace all the classes!

2. Work on publishing my own zines, perhaps with a partner?

3. Do more editorial work and less event shoots.

4. Write every day.

5. Read every day.

6. Spend less time on social media, and make an effort to participate in more phone calls and Skype sessions!

7. Get myself into a stabilized and comfortable independent financial situation.

8. Take care of myself overall, and squash the bad voices like a bug. Believe in myself.

9. Draw more.

10. Start up singing lessons and dance classes again.

7During the first week of the new year, I visited my uncle in New Port Richey, FL (which is on the west coast near Tampa). We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years and that was far too long in my book. I was excited to see his new house on the water and of course TAKE THE BOAT OUT!

65f59826c73e611e394e012baf4630b57_88a33cda873e611e3ade30e574d92f38f_86029d32475a111e3b58a12d7702048c9_8c83f3b5a75a311e3baa70ee993691f36_8There were plenty of dolphins swimming all around us. Such beautiful creatures.

c4c73c0273e611e3919112b4bd71aab5_8Drifting in the middle of The Gulf was so peaceful. I’m pretty okay with no people surrounding me.

9687f8c9f02749911e3a5d612f86b3e3bb7_8We drove out to Crystal River with a few of my uncle’s friends for a private boat tour of Crystal Springs. But that’s not all! We had the blissful opportunity to SWIM WITH MANATEES for two hours. Not just a couple of manatees, either- there were a couple hundred bobbing through the shallow green waters. At first I was a bit nervous because manatees are… gigantic in size and in weight. I didn’t want to stir them or make them uncomfortable in their habitat. Luckily we had a great instructor who taught us everything we needed to know (including the fact that they are vegetarian- phew), and from there on out it was smooth sailing. Or, swimming.

11744041755_7c0114989c_z11744065715_88b307dc1a_z11743921665_1bd70df7a2_z11744310273_34e16e085b_z11744865806_3921fbe820_z11744353273_34947e869b_zThe baby manatees were the friendliest. They’d graze against my feet and one of them even wrapped its fin around my waist, pulling me close and held onto me. Their skin felt like a combination of sand paper and slimy algae. When they’d get excited, they’d roll over on their back and let you stroke their bellies. It was one of the best experiences I’ve partook in.

tumblr_mh0ojcS1CF1r7y61oo1_250d0bd1f3674b811e381ef12a1d68e45c4_8After warming up with hot cocoa, we went for a Bailey’s coffee at The Monkey Bar in Homosassa, FL. The double-decker tiki bar overlooks their very own Monkey Island, full of primates which swing and play and huddle with their families.

59f4e6ce74c011e394581252b655b151_8We had dinner at Neon Leon’s: The cajun restaurant is owned by Leon Wilkeson- the Bass Guitarist for Lynyrd Skynard. I dined on grouper and fried green tomatoes. The entertainment was probably my favorite part- a multi-talented musician jammed and was quite the comedian as well. The restaurant had a super laid-back atmosphere with some dirty south vibes… and lots of laughs.

tumblr_m8nn91OKVl1qbs47qe4028d50756311e3840012be65616916_8The following day we went to Tarpon Springs (home to the Sponge Docks + world’s finest sponges) for a farewell lunch with our friends. We ate authentic Greek cuisine at Hella’s- and it was HELLA GOOD (sorry had to). I had a gyro platter and we shared Saganaki + Taramosalata. There was no shortage of sangria, either!


ed6cb3ac756d11e39fe712631b20df5c_846b87c32767911e38c040ef4b990c248_8In one of the little souvenir shops, I found a preserved seahorse and knew I had to bring it home with me. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a seahorse, but they’re hard to take care of and don’t live very long. I’m find with a dead one- I’m going to display it in a shadow box and make a little assemblage with it.

tumblr_mioov84uKH1r7y61oo1_100Have you heard? Baby, it’s cold outside. I happen to be in South Florida so I’m lucky to be out of the chilling temperatures, but today was actually the coldest it’s been all winter and I for one was majorly excited. This is because I got to wear my Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop sweater for the first time: It’s a dream!

sweaterhot_chocolate_wicked_1choc-hugmug-1Hot chocolate recommendations: Jaques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate, or if you’re near any of the locations, Max Brenner Italian milk hot chocolate- extra thick!

Stay warm out there!

Pour It Up

Happy 2014 to one and all! I figured I’d start this year off with some Riri eye candy, because of course.

Miss Rihanna is the new face of Balmain and I am starry-eyed over their new ads. She wears the threads so well and I couldn’t think of a better model for the collection. Creative direction by Atelier Franck Durand and styling by Mel Ottenberg20140101-183253.jpg20140101-183229.jpg20140101-183211.jpg20140101-183152.jpg20140101-183140.jpgI am also a huge fan of the styling in her video for “What Now”. Rock n roll mullet, goth chic choker, tight minimalist dress, layers of metal rings and long white nails, plus a frosty makeover. It’s perfectly haunting with the song. So good! 20140101-182244.jpg20140101-182206.jpg20140101-182308.jpg20140101-182415.jpg20140101-182436.jpg20140101-182506.jpg20140101-182553.jpg20140101-182613.jpg20140101-182628.jpg20140101-182711.jpg20140101-182736.jpg

The Punk Singer Documentary


punk_singerSini Anderson directed this documentary about Kathleen Hanna’s (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin) life, and it’s inspired me every day since I watched it: A woman that started out making grassroots efforts with her spoken word poetry, was responsible for crafting the riot grrrl movement in the 90′s- an important player of punk rock feminism, and has performed some of the most powerful and unafraid performances I’ve ever seen. Her unwillingness to backdown or shut up makes her a wildfire, and it was a hugely visceral experience as both an artist and a woman when I watched this film. Find out if it’s playing in big cities near you, or rent it on itunes!


House of Style

ICONS-FROM-THE-ARCHIVE-HOUSE-OF-STYLE-1-545-replacetumblr_m7oeqmEf3R1qb3mmfo1_500Houseofstyle5I shot some photos of my girlfriends in South Beach and something about them really reminded me of the House of Style series in the 90′s, hosted by Cindy Crawford. I think it’s the attitude and boldness, which is quite different from today’s models.

ICONS-FROM-THE-ARCHIVE-HOUSE-OF-STYLE-2-545 ICONS-FROM-THE-ARCHIVE-HOUSE-OF-STYLE-3-545Houseofstyle2 ICONS-FROM-THE-ARCHIVE-HOUSE-OF-STYLE-6-545Houseofstyle4tumblr_mqlybdXmQc1r0i4hwo4_1280Houseofstyle3cindytumblr_mgkzkmjreC1qdq5dlo1_1280Houseofstyle1mtv-com_