Stay Home on Black Friday

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Things have been rough for all of us, but this day is a time to reflect on what we DO have- what makes our lives more whole.

I am grateful for my loving, intelligent, creative and talented friends, my supportive family, for living in the beautiful and dynamic city of Los Angeles, California, and my sweet pup Mortimer, most of all.

With all of the hardships and hatred that our world is experiencing right now, I can only hope that each of us does our part to bring joy and compassion to others. I am most thankful for compassion and understanding amongst each other.

As I’m really not a fan of Black Friday and the madness that ensues around it, I’m happy to announce a great online sale with one of my partners, Shopbop. You can stay home and still receive discounts on your favorite inspiring designs.



Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.54.51 PM

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Shopbop Sale


Friends and family: Only 24 hours left to take advantage of Shopbop’s awesome sale! I’ve basically turned into an emo teenager, longing and pining for some of these fabulous designs. I’m also definitely having a beige and draping moment- maybe replicating sand dunes metaphorically? I hope Los Angeles gets with it and realizes it’s October so I can bury myself under a cowl-neck sweater and take a bath in lavender tea, perhaps.

I’m posting some of my favorite fall looks available through the site below!  

AcneAcne 1 Acne 2

Acne Studios

CarvenCarven 1


Zero Maria Cornejo

Zero Maria Cornejo
Mara HoffmanMara Hoffman 2

Mara Hoffman (I love this color palette)



Rag and Bone

Rag and BonePhilip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim

KenzoKenzo 1


Pick up some fall styles at a great price here:



So excited to announce the art auction + fundraiser event I am directing and curating based on ‪#‎YESALLWOMEN‬. Proceeds from the artwork will benefit the East Los Angeles Women’s Center, an organization that aides survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. PLEASE donate to our Gofundme to make this project possible. Every little bit counts toward this important project of helping women and their families. Thank you so much, and I hope this is a cause you believe in as much as I do! (*collage by Jen May, flyer by Jessi Brattengeier)


Donate HERE


Feminasty Shirts


Hi guys! I wanted to take a minute to blog about my new favorite t-shirt line Called Feminasty. Feminasty shirts are designed by the wonderful artist Aurora Lady in Los Angeles, and represent girl power, unity, feminism and empowerment. What could be better? Or cuter, for that matter.



“The “Girl Gang” concept is more than just four tee shirts. It’s about capturing lightning in a bottle — that feeling of elation and pure sonic fuckin’ joy when you know your own power and articulate your voice. It’s about seeking out and actively creating relationships with people who not only understand you, but encourage you. It’s about simultaneously celebrating the rich history and the flaws of feminism, and moving forward to repair, be aware, and keep on keepin’ on. When you receive your tee shirt, you’re not only getting a piece of clothing, you’re getting a piece of art. You’re getting a design that’s been 15 years in the making (as long as I’ve been a self-identified feminist!) and even longer as these ideas existed in the minds of those before me. These tees are meant to be conversation starters. They are meant to be homing devices so that you can find your own Girl Gang. Most of all, they are meant for you to do some wild and true living for yourself, however you choose to define that.” – Aurora Lady



This one is my personal favorite and the one that I purchased- the infamous “burning bra”. A great play on traditional feminist misconceptions, and owning the truth.



Photography by Jennifer Emerling

Buy a shirt/support the artist here/be a Feminasty HERE!




Last night I had the opportunity to see a screening of She Said Boom – a documentary about the Canadian all girl band Fifth Column. These girls are everything I stand for and am inspired by: collaboration, feminist ethics, fighting the system, living for what you’re passionate about with little concern for money. Their story inspired so many others and lead to what became the Riot Grrl movement in the 90′s. They were also intensely interested in filmmaking and created lots of experimental work with Bruce LaBruce. GB Jones is a total icon, that thick red wavy hair and perfect vamptress aesthetic. It was a great film and if you have the chance to see it in your city, you must!

The Chapess Zine Launch at Doomed Gallery London

Hello, London! Some of my photographs will be shown alongside some other awesome, talented ladies on behalf of The Chapess Zine at Doomed Gallery on Saturday 13th December. Hope all you London lovelies can make it! Support female artists coming together to say something and create a space of progress.


Each issue showcases the work of women of all ages from around the world, employing an open submission policy, underlining the need for opportunities for female artists to show their work, particularly those who have not taken a route of education or training which had otherwise encouraged them to do so.

So far this year I have published the work of around 60 female artists and writers and led workshops, lectures and educational sessions exploring creativity and feminist activism at a grassroots level. The exhibition at Doomed is starting to feel like the show i’ve been curating in my head since i was a teenager, as finally I’m in the position to be surrounded by incredible, creative women staying true to themselves, making work, having a laugh + supporting one another.  - Cherry Styles



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