SumikkoGurashi Style

largeHi buns!

I am pairing some sweetheart outfits along with instagrams by adorable blogger-boo Rainbowholic! Particularly- her visit to the pop-up cafe Kissa Sumikko (Cafe Sumikko Gurashi) Since I SO VERY SADLY could not be there to experience this blissful interior myself, I am of course creating my own visit there virtually!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.55.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.53.28 PMcoffee shake!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.55.13 PMMiu Miu760370_in_ppMiu Miu


Reality Studio, Mira Trouser


Rachel Comey, Slim Legion Pant


Kurt Lyle, Olivia Suspender Jumpsuit

Pants and jumpsuit are on sale at one of my favourite shops, Mr Larkin!

Miu Miu 1

Miu Miu

713485_in_ppChloe740864_in_ppMiu Miu




57-1-600x600Sumikkogurashi is a character by San-X and touches upon how shy Japanese people can be. All the character friends have some issue in their personality which makes them like hiding in the corner.

Astro Chart


I’ve always been interested in astrology and divination- mostly because the cosmos is full of so much wonder that we as humans will never understand. It’s real magic that always exists. I also like astrology because it’s a combination of art, psychology and science. I’m not necessarily a die-hard believer of these ideas, but certain parallels do seem significant, or at the very least, amusing. It’s organization within nature, which is enticing even if not certain. And I do feel that we are all a part of a rhythm- an ebb and flow.

The website Chaos Astrology offers free personalized birth charts! I definitely recommend exploring your own. These charts encompass your own distinct connection to the astrological realm, and all the tools that can be offered within these resources.

Here are some notable points from my own natal chart:


August 7 1984 01:35 AM

Long Island, New York
- 4 GMT
073° 00′ W 40° 50′ N

Tropical Zodiac – Placidus Houses

Sun in Leo
You are outgoing, overflowing, and very generous. Always the leader, if not the center of any group, you seldom fail to exhibit strong emotions. You are proud of yourself and of your accomplishments. Confident, you are warm of heart, gregarious, outspoken, and independent. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and others enjoy your company, especially when it comes to parties and social functions. It is your style to be a bit dramatic, perhaps even flamboyant, colourful and flashy. You contain a vital exuberance and warmth that springs forth naturally. This is the sign of personal sovereignty, of making a self-image and building self-esteem, so it is important to enhance your life through originality, creative efforts and flair. There should be a constant reaching upward to greater perfection. Sun in Leo is the ‘blaze of consciousness’, the force of personality, pride and fearless becoming – that which is done for its own sake, playfully and with pleasure. Leo energy is expressive, vital and exuberant. Often very artistic, and always theatrical and dramatic, this is the sign of creativity and the arts. Warm and big-hearted, Leo lives in full appreciation and celebration of the finer elements of life, bringing a dynamism and enthusiasm to everything it touches.

Moon in Sagittarius
Enterprising, you can even be happy in austere settings, for you have an innate awareness of future possibilities and prospects. Religion, truth and the world of philosophy are of great interest to you. Your knack for understanding opinions, ideologies and how we form them makes you good at politics too. The Sagittarian Moon tends to be more committed to ideas – regardless of the emotional costs – than they are to people. You bring a sense of honesty to any group, are freedom-loving, independent, and at times even a trifle remote. You are not bound by your emotions and are thus not much of a domestic person, prefering to align your life activities with something bigger.

Mercury in Virgo
You have a fine mind and a great appetite for detail. You appreciate minute differences and distinctions and take a very surgical approach to your operations. A craftsman with an innate critical sense, you are always full of suggestions on how to facilitate and implement. Your careful, practical mind wants to salvage every last thing. You possess a love for detail and trivia, are quick-minded, and competent. Opening the doors of the mind, for yourself and others, is your speciality.

Venus in Leo
Big heart, big love, you are seldom petty. Given to grand gestures and dramatic scenes, you love freedom and greatness of feeling in your relationships. You can be generous to a fault. Work with chidren or the up-and-coming are high on your list of priorities. Fervently loyal, you are courageous and demonstrative. Endeavors which boost your creativity will appeal.

Mars in Scorpio
You possess a powerful, persistent drive and are a hard, steady worker. Others may find you deep, with a sense of mission and mystery. You are willing to do work others would not go near, quietly bending things to your will, having it your own way. You have strong sexual energy too, and enjoy getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Jupiter in Capricorn
The perfect manager, conservative and professional in all things, your career is all-important. You are always practical, capable, competent and quick to get the outline or skeleton of a project to see how things work. You should welcome opportunities for discipline, because luck comes to you through self-control and through having a keen sense of purpose.

Saturn in Scorpio
You are very aware of vulnerabilities, in yourself and others. You also have a natural ability to see into the hidden depths; that which underlies and informs the materal world around us. Keeping secrets is easy for you and you may often find yourself in the position of trusted confidant. You may attempt to deny your own passions, but you need to accept instincts, attachments and all froms of pure experience as part of your unique process of individualization.

Uranus in Sagittarius
You have new philosophical ideas for the future, and new approaches to travel and exploration of all kinds. Long journeys interest you. You may startle others with your direct conversations, always getting right to the nitty-gritty. You enjoy being alone, free and on the move. The original optimist.

Neptune in Sagittarius
Idealism is an innate talent, and you are in love with grand gestures and long thoughts. Religion, politics and philosophy are natural interest. The world traveler, you enjoy fair, just, frank and broad-minded persons. You are gregarious and sports-minded. You dare to dream big. You like new philosophies and long novels.

Pluto in Libra
Change and inner growth tend to come through relationships, both friends and lovers. Marriage or union (yoga) will be very intense and not at all superficial. You get to the heart of a relationship each and every time.

Gemini on the 1st House Cusp (rising sign)
Gemini is concerned with connections, communication and logic — voice, thoughts, writing, and rational mental processes in general. It is also concerned with making comparisons, ‘twins’ and duplications of all kinds. Gemini is the communicator, the gossip of the zodiac, the collector of trivia. Gemini energy is unattached, independent, very inquisitive and changable.



For astro trinkets and treasures, one of my favorite online shops 13 Moons offers a catalogue of all that is magickal and celestial. They’re a really great company ran by a lovely Pagan family- not just another new age store! They have everything from talismans to cauldrons to tarot decks to tapestries (and far more).

Oh my god, I made a detailed post about astrology. I’ve been in LA for too long! ;)

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange


Have you heard? Oh, have you heard? Twin Peaks will be returning to primetime where the series left off. David Lynch and Mark Frost will be in full creative control of all the episodes, and though I’m a bit scared as to how the show will translate in this decade, I have faith that Lynch will make sure it’s nothing short of spectacular! This show is my heart and I even have symbols that were illustrated throughout its run on both of my wrists.


Speaking of David Lynch, he and my other greatest influence (none other than thy holy Patti Smith) sat down for a conversation on the BBC network where they discussed Twin Peaks, ideas, and Pussy Riot! Watch the exchange of these two powerhouses of dreams and beauty communicate here.

Some of my recent photojournalism stories:


+ Jena Malone’s 30th birthday and first solo exhibition “The Holy Other”, a series of photographs from Burma, at MAMA Gallery in Downtown 

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 7.03.57 PM

+ A private viewing of designer Bea Szenfeld’s new paper doll collection in Bel-Air

IMG_2840 copy

+ Sexy Beast, an auction benefiting Planned Parenthood LA

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 7.08.01 PM

+ Michael Lindsay-Hogg at The Salon at Automatic Sweat

New Link Love:

The Creators Connect: My lovely friend Alec has helped to establish Creators Connect- a community of worldwide creators of all skill-sets and interests who are interested in meeting new collaborators. They offer a free iPhone app, an online magazine, and a free print ‘zine. Need to find the right projectionist for a performance? A hair stylist in a foreign country for a test shoot? Need help art directing your independent publication? New in town or traveling and want to meet some fellow writers? Creators Connect will help you do all of those things and, eventually, more.

+ MAMA Gallery: A gorgeous new gallery space in Downtown Los Angeles, ran by the creative spirits Adarsha Benjamin and Joe McKee

Bubbli: the iPhone app for making dynamic spherical photos called bubbles. You can reproduce the entire scene around you–including sound, creating moving panoramas. I am so fascinated.

An Essay by Roxane Gay About Banning the word “Feminist”: one of my favorite writers discusses the necessary embracement the F word

A self-care playlist: A playlist I created with some of my favorite songs to listen to when times are tough


And lastly, a cup of “damn fine coffee”! One of my favorite coffee companies is Blue Bottle. I love their cafe in Williamsburg, but the good news is that you can order their delicious goodies online even if you’re not in New York. A great recommendation is the Nicaragua Nueva Segovia Buena Vista- the flavoring includes Nougat, cocoa, mixed berry, and pear soufflé!

Baskin Robbins Japan Halloween Sundaes

I was on my way out the door to get a Baskin Robbins Halloween sundae when I realized that THEY WERE ONLY CREATED FOR JAPANESE CUSTOMERS. I know, a blast to the heart. Why is Japan so cute? Why can’t Americans like things with faces on them more? Oh well, I will live vicariously through these photos (let’s be real- it’s all about the appearance anyways and now I won’t be consuming the calories mwahaha). Halloween is just the best.


bh-6 bh-2 bh-10 bh-12 bh-9

Storytelling Tuesday- The Past


Tuesday night I participated in a storytelling event at Echo Chamber Creative Headquarters in Echo Park: Rhea and Sarah have been putting on great community-oriented events and established a space where like-minded artists can come together to share and unite. Readers included: Amber D. Garza, Aurora Pringle, Brenna Cheyney, Brodie Foster Hubbard, Jen Venegas, Kelli J. Williams, Tori Holder, Rhea Tepp and Jesse Marie Dicarlo Wagner.

The theme of the reading was “the past” and participants contributed stories from old diaries, livejournal and their own personal archives. There were incidents of first periods, first sexual intercourse, health concerns, death- it was all in. Some were comical. Some were absurd. Some were melancholy. Some were abstract.

I read 3 journal entries I wrote when I was 16 about my confusion of the male species, and my first experience in the East Village of New York City: That experience was what made me move to New York when I was a bit older. I talked about “punk rockers” and cool gay boys, vegetarian restaurants and terrible tattoos. It was absolutely mortifying, but I think it was both challenging and broadening nonetheless. I hope I don’t look back on this blog in the next decade and feel the same embarrassment, but I won’t hold my breath.

Both audience members and readers were welcomed to craft pages for a communal zine about the theme of the past, and they will be releasing it via their photocopier soon!







Aurora Pringle did this awesome performance called “All Your Favorite Girls Are Motherless” based on many famous pop-culture icons that, in turn, do not have mothers in their lives.



4th of July BBQ in Mount Washington

photo (9)

Did you all have a happy 4th of July? I did! Food, fireworks and friends are all things I am fond of and would take with me to a desert island. The fireworks could be a signal, right? (But really, they’re just magical.) I went to Mount Washington, an area in East LA that I’d never been to, for a bbq at my high school buddy Drew’s house. I also didn’t want to leave his house or his dogs and I was very angry that I couldn’t live there too.

IMG_2133 copy

IMG_2111 copy

IMG_2112 copy

IMG_2130 copy

IMG_2145 copy

My super sweet roommate and another pal of mine also headed over with me. We socialized and were surrounded by beautiful scenery out back.

IMG_2095 copy

IMG_2096 copy

IMG_2098 copy

IMG_2100 copy

IMG_2103 copy

Backyard views

IMG_2106 copy

It was funny to be all the way out here in Los Angeles, but surrounded by people who I knew from my hometown, people I grew up with whom I haven’t seen for years. There’s Kim showing off her handmade crown and fun eye makeup.IMG_2122 copy

IMG_2153 copy

Then the fireworks started and we had a great view of the whole city from where the house is situated. We saw them popping up all over the place!

IMG_2164 copy

IMG_2173 copy

Nightfall brought a fire and roasted marshmallows. I went and did karaoke and pretended I was Shirley Manson from Garbage in the late evening.

No Mellow in My Yellow



Hi all! Happy July! Went to the BUST magazine “Craftacular” here in Los Angeles. There were many beautiful handmade items to be gazed upon, a flower-crown making table, a DIY nail bar, and lots of lovely ladies enjoying the afternoon.

IMG_7332 IMG_7518The delicious treats by Laura Ann’s Jams were simply marvelous. The blood orange! The blood orange! She even has cocktail recipes on her site.

IMG_7519 The Loved One lingerie shop’s naughty knickers and jewelry from Paola Loves to Shop.

IMG_7520 I loved the table of hand-painted, customized bike helmets from Belle Helmets.

IMG_7521 FUNCHICKEN! (ran by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson) had a selection of zines and indie press goodies available, and I picked one up called “Beauty Across America”, which was compiled after driving across the United States with their friend Martha Rich, taking photos and interviewing people about their thoughts on beauty.


1_31 beauty2 (1)1_30 beautyLARGE2pages from the zine

IMG_7522Played in a travel trailer with vintage store babes Erin from The Loved One and Rebecca Emily Darling of Rococo Vintage. Met up with HEARTSREVOLUTION babydoll Leyla (and her elephant) at her swarovski-covered ice cream truck for a popsicle. Bracelet from Paola Loves to Shop.

10431410_10204127154398093_3779693025074276051_o 1836664_10204127153438069_8698712215401837019_o 10497899_10204127153878080_6186641667242306586_oOne of my favorite artists Yoshi Sodeoka made a new video for My Panda Shall Fly- “Rainfall”. It premiered on The Creators Project and Dazed Magazine. I can’t deal with how wild his work is. Blows me away.

kooky craftsWhile rummaging through the lovely writer Kate Durbin’s home sanctuary, I came across a pastel-plastic cake with a 50′s-kitsch elephant on top. Clearly, this was my favorite object I’ve seen in recent days and I went scouring the the internet for more of these creations. I learned that Phoenix-based artist Beatrice Moore has a shop called KookyCrafts where she sells her handmade and assembled magic. She uses doll parts, animal eyes, cake decorations, pom poms and other found materials.

34_5cc09b36-96a6-4f6b-86f4-28192b5474faI’ve been obsessed with the artist Oliver Hibert’s instagram. His amazing print called “Psychic Pspace Psex” is available through Poster Child Prints and is a six-color fluorescent ink silkscreen on Stonehenge Rag, 100% cotton archival paper. Each limited edition print is signed, numbered and embossed for authenticity.

"The Dance of Reality"Speaking of trippy and otherworldly, I had the pleasure of seeing Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film The Dance of Reality- his first film in 23 years. It combines his personal history with metaphors, mythology and poetry, and reflects his philosophy that reality is not objective but rather a “dance” created by our own imaginations. The imagery and my gut reactions have stayed with me.


Southern Cali Vibes

photo (13)Finally had the opportunity to meet the lovely illustrator/artist Lisa Congdon at the cutest design shop Poketo in DTLA. Look at that penetrating smile! Her colorful works and uplifting messages are a longtime favorite of mine, and it was great to see her showing off her book Whatever You Are, Be a Good One. Her spirit and personality are equally as special as her creations.

photo (12)photo (10) Lisa Congdon prints

photo (9) Lisa Congdon prints

photo (16) I’ve blogged about the wonderful writer-artist Kate Durbin before, and I’m happy to be posting about a reading she did from her new book E! Entertainment at Pop-Hop book store in Highland Park.

photo (18) I was honored to assist Kate in a performance element of her piece “Anna” which is a series of monologues based on this disturbing video of Anna Nicole Smith in which she is pregnant, intoxicated, and having clown makeup applied to her. As Kate read the different character’s perspectives, I helped to transform her into a clown. It was incredibly intimate and special!

photo (19)Here I basically needed to show off my amazing pants from Squaresville vintage in LA, but it’s kinda dark.

photo_1 tumblr_n5fgwj0ZVj1qatvcfo1_1280Just received my copy of the UK zine The Chapess in the mail! It’s an awesome feminist publication run by some great ladies. I can’t wait to contribute! This issue features some photos by Alexis Gross.

13917-3Went to see Obvious Child in the theater, and what a hilarious and touching film it was- I seriously recommend it! Jenny Slate was the most endearing, lovable little babe to watch and the writing was fantastic. A simple, intelligent and relatable romantic comedy with an actual dynamic, unconventional female lead!

IMG_2085 I’ve been frequenting a new favorite shop of mine, Spellbound Sky, here in Los Angeles. They have beautiful crystal and mineral specimens, and candles and other magical things. It obviously has a calming and welcoming energy, and is beautifully curated and fashioned. These are some of my treasures.

lazyoafThe new Lazy Oaf Space Oddity collection is just divine!

Me Myselfie and I at Space15Twenty

IMG_1722 copy-2This weekend, Space15Twenty held an art show called ME MYSELFIE AND I curated by Esther Kim, featuring additional artists Little Sunny Bite, Hearts Revolution, Loandchlo, Yewon Cha, Chocomoo, Foxy Illustrations, Jangkoal, and Junmarie. I had the chance to preview the show as it was being assembled, and Esther told me she wanted to draw attention to Asian artists here in Los Angeles.

photo (8)Me with a bear made by Little Sunny Bite. Shirt by Nasty Gal and shorts from Forever 21

IMG_1628 copy-2

IMG_1638 copy-2

IMG_1640 copy-2IMG_1661 copy-2IMG_1663 copy-2IMG_1697 copy-2IMG_1633 copy-2Esther Kim

IMG_1676 copy-2IMG_1725 copy-2IMG_1726 copy-2IMG_1703 copy-2IMG_1729 copy-2Little Sunny Bite

IMG_1677 copy-2Little Sunny Bite/Hattie Stewart collab

IMG_1736 copy-2

IMG_1731 copy-2IMG_1737 copy-2Esther Kim and Little Sunny Bite

IMG_1723 copy-2IMG_1668 copy-2IMG_1670 copy-2Hearts Revolution

IMG_1701 copy-2IMG_1699 copy-2IMG_1700 copy-2Loandchlo

IMG_1641 copy-2IMG_1644 copy-2IMG_1712 copy-2Foxy Illustrations

IMG_1705 copy-2IMG_1680 copy-2IMG_1683 copy-2 Chocomoo

IMG_1685 copy-2IMG_1653 copy-2IMG_1708 copy-2

IMG_1674 copy-2IMG_1650 copy-2Junmarie

IMG_1657 copy-2Jangkoal

IMG_1693 copy-2=
IMG_1671 copy-2IMG_1694 copy-2IMG_1715 copy-2IMG_1647 copy-2tumblr_mlwdloB8QK1qkjjfoo1_500

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