guest curator: reed + rader

I first found out about Reed + Rader (Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader) via Tumblr. I stopped scrolling through all the random subtitled screen caps and discomforting genitalia close-ups posted by those I follow to concentrate on these dramatic high-fashion photos; suddenly, they began to take life and move! What a simple yet impacting concept! Since then I’ve followed their multimedia work and became pals with Pamela through good ole’ social media. Not only is she a talented and creative hotshot, she’s also quite the domestic lady of the household. She constantly teases me by posting mouthwatering shots of her from-scratch meals: Of course, I had to include them along with her work for a personal element. Also because I really like candy apples. I admire how much heart she puts into everything; from her bright hair dyes to her exceptional media work to what goes in her tummy. I think I’m also just really hungry because I’ve been editing photos for so long and forgot to have breakfast.

behind the scenes

reed + rader cookbook!

1. jumbo pesto stuffed shells

2. caramel candy apples

3. nutella + peanut butter brownies

4. pizza casserole

5. chili using ground chicken, black beans, kidney beans, green peppers, garden grown basil, diced tomatoes, jalepenos

6. mini sloppy joes, made with ground chicken, homemade sloppy joe sauce, served on potato rolls with olive oil and sesame seeds brushed on top

7. chicken marsala

8. fancy mac n’ cheese made with shredded mozzarella, shredded muenster, parmesan, roasted garlic, roasted plum tomatoes, fresh garden basil and a lot of love

their home garden

bye bye from the kitties!

GUEST CURATOR: twisted lamb

I am more than honored to have the lovely Mary Lee via Twisted Lamb as Morning Passage’s first Curator! I have been following the musings of Miss Mary Lee for some time now and am constantly blown away by the imagery she collects. Her tastes match up with my own personal aesthetic just precisely {as you shall soon see}. Twisted Lamb captures avant-garde fashion photography and is often representative of the dark goddesses that crawl through the world. Don’t take my word for it; her blog has also stolen the heart of the one and only Kanye West {who actually phoned her to prove it was in fact he who was leaving her compliments on the work she does.} What a bitchin’ babe. Thanks again, Mary Lee, for your contribution!

Welcome to Morning Passages as told by Twisted Lamb.

And to send you off on your way, a few personal self-portraits from Mary Lee herself


toad life by lindsay usich

One of my greatest gal pals {Lindsay} made a photo-post on Facebook about some of the trinkets around her home that make her smile. I found it so endearing and charming, so she went ahead and gave me permission to share it! I think this little feature says so much about her personality and who she is; that’s what I love most of all about glimpsing into the spaces of others- you can see a person so clearly through their environment. I am also leaving her original captions!


breakfast of champions ( also dinner of non-champions)

forever unfinished in the bathroom

twins & my favorite candle
Me & Ashley {that’s her twin sister}
ridiculous shoes I never wear & the toad
The best way to harass people on the street = video intercom
organized clutter, dust collectors
skeletons year round
broken robin’s egg, marble apricot and smelling like dirt and twigs constantly
the detail on my Grandmother’s jacket
how I became the amazing artist I am today
things A. stole from me but is ok because I take naps in her bed
floor libraries, pens & giant bunches of sage
smoke bombs, glitter & face paint

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