Di$count Livens Up The Runway (Again)

tumblr_n3ubyyyq5s1qhbn7lo1_500tumblr_n3uc1pUwtM1qhbn7lo1_500SYD1422DI$COUNTSonnyPhotosI’ve been following the ladies of Aussie brand Di$count since the beginning, and am so pumped about their growth and success. Nadia and Cami’s line reflects the shiny universe of glam rock wildcats and the photos taken during their Melbourne Fashion Week presentation have me *squealing*. Watching talent you’ve followed bud before your eyes is a pleasure and a joy. Marvel at the bad bitches and the world they’ve created!

tumblr_n3uc31b4y31qhbn7lo1_500dctumblr_n3ubxklmpK1qhbn7lo1_12806471fbdac0b211e38d860002c9b4f080_8Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 8.15.30 PMScreen shot 2014-04-11 at 8.15.54 PMdiscount-0030-1Photos by Gavriel Maynard + Sonny Vandevelde
Sources: Oyster Mag, A Shaded View on Fashion, Style.com, instagram

E! Entertainment by Kate Durbin

eentertainment_coverThe ever-flamboyant pop princess of poetry Miss Kate Durbin just released her new book E! Entertainment. Let’s look at how cool she is for a sec.


Hold on. Let’s go again.


I’m really shallow so by now I would’ve already bought a copy, but I will disperse some more information for people who don’t make literary purchases based on blue lipstick.

Here lies a reflection on privilege, diamonds, vacancy, star power, loneliness, fame whores and the cracks within the Hollywood Hills. Kate’s presence is like an expected spurt of silly string; colorful and wild. Support her and grab a copy of her latest!

$$$ BUY DIS $$$ 

Intro to LA Recap

8bee0a6eaa4111e390220ea2e16bf06c_8I absolutely love my apartment in LA. It has everything: hardwood floors throughout, tons of sunlight, a view of the Griffith Observatory (which looks beautiful all lit up at night), a dishwasher, separate bath tub and glass shower, a pool, laundry in the building, plenty of wall space, and I couldn’t think of a more convenient location. I am slowly but surely starting the decorating process (those photos to come) but I’m really excited to settle in and make a home for myself. It’s time.

10c3a650a98311e38c55122874de5ff9_8View of the Observatory out my window (where they shot James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause!)

b2460b76aa4111e3b8b3124b6b221cf2_8Some of the neighborhood architecture. It’s a majestic fairy world, basically, with flowers and lush forest dwelling trees. Well, that combined with Thai Town, sleazy motels and homeless schizophrenics. That’s what I love about LA: the combination of hyper-light and the dark undertones.

fAnother perk is having some of my best friends right around the corner. Especially Buddy (bottom right)

3766bb4ab55311e3b9211276cdcf1323_8My friend Caitlin and I went to an event at USC called “Friends, Bitches, Countrymen: Feminist Poetics.” Of course, it was wildly inspiring and it featured one of my favorite poets whom I’ve mentioned on my blog before, Danielle Pafunda. Girl ain’t messing around! She got poke and stick tattooed while she read in her bra. All the contributors were huge talents with big voices and bigger hearts. Moved me.

10154397_554042524693980_2071994651_nPhoto by Diana Arterian

gardensIMG_0596Rose and Sasquatch

IMG_0588Happy the Boston Terrier

One of my favorite days here took place at The Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena. The lovely Rose McGowan suggested this as a location (because I was doing some portraits of her) and I couldn’t have picked a better backdrop myself. It is truly too marvelous to describe with vocabulary- do yourself a favor and google image (or if you’re in California, go visit).

44d5519ab87011e3950e12f7291d6bbe_8Speaking of photo shoots, yesterday model/actor Harry Hains and I went to collaborate around the city. Seriously, look at that face. He’s so striking and has such a cool, interesting look- none of that wax n’ wash, bleach-teethed daytime cheese. We started out, well, getting lost- but it was well worth it because we drove through Bel-Air in the most picturesque weather one could envision. I pretended I was Fresh Prince and then got sad Uncle Phil died. We headed up near Mulholland Dr. and Lookout Mountain overlooking the entire city from the hills and were in awe of the views, at the massive possibilities in front of us. Then we drove to Culver City and shot on a Little League field and ate hot dogs and french fries at the park. He was so excited to experience first hand Americana (he’s Aussie) and we felt like we were in our own 1950′s small-town. It was a mostly unplanned adventure and those are always the best kind.

kAside from getting my apartment together and starting my life out here, I’ve been wandering with friends, grabbing bites at places like authentic Vegan Ethiopian joints and Boba tea houses. TARO TEA IS MY NEW PRIME CHOICE FOR BUBBLE TEA. ALERT! ALERT!

Images from my recent photo shoots to come, and more interesting pictures of what’s going on around town from my actual DSLR and not my shitty instagram pictures.


Leaving for Los Angeles

014022The time has come for me to set sail toward a new shore- the Pacific to be exact.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. And what I’ve discovered is that all that thinking seems to dig me further into the dirt rather than connecting me to actual trials and tribulations. What am I going to DO? What should I pursue full-time? Should I pursue just one thing full-time? And then I wind up exhausting myself with worry.

So, I’m going. I’m doing. Because I have to. It’s time to get all Frank Underwood and “Take it!”

-10_1-19_1-30_1 A big question we all face is where we want to build our lives. For a long time, New York City seemed to be the answer; and I still love it, it’s a large piece of my heart. But I learned that it’s not an environment that’s healthiest toward my well-being. The astronomical cost of living, congestion, filth, transportation by subway trains and stations, lack of a connection to nature, ceaseless harassment I experienced walking everywhere, nepotism and the long, harsh winters took a toll on me both emotionally and physically. I learned that I enjoy the city much more when I can visit and get the most out of my time there rather than being suffocated by it.

-36_2 010Los Angeles has the balance I seek: beautiful weather (which I believe plays a huge part in how we feel), a large circle of great friends, the entertainment industry, a booming art scene, beaches, hills, valleys, flowers, creative weirdos, like-minded individuals with similar passions, environmental/health/spiritual outlets and comfortable living. Also, lots of great cafes, places to eat, bars, parks, museums, galleries, nightlife, etc. It’s a place that sort of has it all, but you can find peace and quiet and solitude when you crave it.

02033A_1 044 062So, here’s to a new chapter. This time there’s no turning back, no retreating, and no escaping the future. I am going to evolve, I am going to change- and hopefully that means I am going to be happy.

Renaissance Festival Weekend

This weekend was “Time Traveler’s Weekend” at the Florida Renaissance Festival: the garments and decorum were Steam Punk influenced. I hadn’t been to a Renaissance Festival since I was in middle school and wanted to be in “The Craft”, but it was a fun-filled weekend amongst social outcasts that drink out of goblets.


Some of the things I found at the Renaissance Faire: Olde English comedians, glass blowers, archery, giant turkey legs (OF COURSE), fairies, crafts, clothing, beer, jewelry, medieval costumes, blacksmithing, jousting, traveling villages, poetry, art, pottery, harpists, friendly characters, birds of prey live in action and drunk middle-aged men.

0a03bec8a19e11e38221123a914d1abf_8 I met a Screech Owl named Pumpkin that was about the size of my hand. I have never been so enamored by a creature!

01ed4f56a1a311e3b4920e14431f43d4_8 4d394f26a18711e3815e12cd270dc62a_8 8aa643b0a26c11e38645127f205c258e_8 9f785596a1a211e39c0c12ad4d2f8dd0_8 249efd7ea26b11e3840612c6dbb6fdb0_8 659db328a26c11e38a29120622f885c2_8 PUMPKIN again.

843bd082a17f11e3bf9d12c01bfa12ed_8Fake Jared Leto with an Octopus beard on the left?

945ca39ea17d11e3b7b612382b3169b2_8 6331a22ea19111e3ad20122d17da2fab_8 Coolest lady of the land

60862d7aa25d11e39f1f120baa9f08c7_8My sister came to visit and demanded we go to the festival even though I had just went the day before. I didn’t exactly object- I would get to see PUMPKIN again!

19457188a1a311e39d6d127553f729f8_8 Quiet Waters Park was just beautiful over the weekend

99136320a1a311e38c14121c8f877194_8This Lazy Oaf dress was a hit amongst the weirdos, of course.

a810a7fca18011e3b6ab1261623df5e6_8 b6e0d320a1a211e3bdb61213a23b8cab_8 b6203466a1a311e3a08d0e239001fb18_8f39aced0a1a011e3ba4612e8f6d6917d_8c41b634ea1a111e384e51217c67f63a7_8At the end of each day, there is a sing-along that takes place with everyone on the grounds. It’s a great way to see all the colorful characters that sprawl across the landing. I’m really jealous I don’t know the words to the concluding song, but I waved my hands around and uttered some “errrrs” to pretend like I was in on it.

gmanOne recurring face that stuck out to me was “The Green Man”. Apparently, there are different versions of The Green Man according to location. Here’s what I’ve learned about this mystical, leafy, face: The Green movement and the women’s movement have picked up on the scientific Gaia hypothesis, which suggests that the planet Earth is a single living organism. The next stage of the ecological revolution begins with the reawakening of the male counterpart of the Goddess, the Green Man, and archetype found in folklore and religious art from the earliest times, and especially linked with Christian origins of modern science. Long suppressed, the archetype emerges now to challenge us to heal our relationship with nature. He’s a Pagan friend, and this beautiful wall art hails from Sugar Loaf, NY’s (That has the be the cutest name for a town): Garden Gothic

AGTOPANGATIEDYEKI-4T_1024x1024AGequinoxvelvetcrush-2T_1024x1024Fashions by American Gold for Spanish Moss 

All I’ve Got is Time: Recent Inspiration


My top 5 favorite NYFW shows are as follows:

heart+ With all the media attention on Woody Allen and the Farrow women, this is perhaps the best essay I have ever read about sexual abuse: Woody Allen is Not a Monster. He is a Person. Like My Father.
After one of the best actors who ever lived died [Phillip Seymour Hoffman], Russell Brand wrote this insightful look into addiction: My Life Without Drugs
Marissa Nadler is one of my favorite vocalists and her records mean so much to me. She just premiered a new video Was it a Dream” exclusively on Refinery 29 from her latest album July
+ A beautiful note
my friend Jason Nash wrote about his wife on Valentine’s Day
+ As much as I adore fashion design, I have an extreme distaste toward the politics and bullshit of the industry: Jamie writes a hilarious look into his fashion week experience
+ Some thoughts on: the censorship of nipples

mtvI’ve been catching up on recent movie releases and tv series. Seriously, there’s almost no point in watching anything other than HBO or Netflix shows at this point. Also, is this the year of Matthew McConaughey? I always thought he was an ab-flashing tool (can’t say that I still don’t) but he is in fact a super talented one. Jared Leto’s performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club made me scream multiple times because he was so P-E-R-F-E-C-T in the role: It was giving me a complex as he’s been my dream man since the days of Jordan Catalano yore!

From top to bottom L to R: House of Cards, True Detective, Dallas Buyer’s Club, HER.

albumzAnd now for some tunes! Lee Ranaldo: Between the Times and the Tides, Marnie Stern: The Chronicles of Marnia, Experimental Aircraft: Third Transmission, The Black Belles: The Black Belles, Dum Dum Girls: Too True, Young Prisms: In Between