She Had Daydreams

On repeat!

Reading this memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch several times over. Her stories serve as a pill of truth that I’m quite content with overdosing on.

As expected, her LENNY Interview was extraordinary.

I will also note that her TED Talk has become my bible, and continues to kick my limbs into GO.


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Ever since I found the poems of Rosmarie Waldrop, I’ve felt found. She makes me see that there is place for my words and my experimentation and lack of confine.


Revisiting this shaky-voiced gem.


Also pretty obsessed with the Fluid station on Soma FM. They play instrumental hiphop, future soul and liquid trap. I don’t even know what those mean, but the soundscapes are really magical and create special worlds of their own. What is Soma FM, you ask? Why, I’ll tell you? 1) It’s one of my top favorite earthly things 2) Soma FM is over 30 unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting. All music hand-picked by SomaFM’s award-winning DJs and music directors. There are stations such as Secret Agent, Leftcoast 70′s, lots of interesting outerspace inspired stuff, loungey beats, soul/jazz fusion/underground 80′s, and way more. The best thing about it is that it’s all music that I’ve never heard or would have found on my own.







IMG_0255If you’re a part of the fan club, you know Stranger Things is a throwback marvel- addicting as sugar. It was also so beautiful to see child characters that had such conviction and the full spectrum of human emotion. The casting is so great! I couldn’t stop watching! -BARB 4EVER-

La Haute Bourgeoisie with Gucci

643306_in_pp714643_in_ppI am loving the expansion that’s taken place over @ Gucci, thanks to Alessandro Michele! You know, less stiff-faced, stick-assed, Upper East Side snobism, and flirty, fresh, playful modern romance. The runway referenced bourgeois Renaissance, ‘70s sport and ‘80s Italian couture.  This might just be one of my favorite RTW collections ever  (~˘▾˘)~



I’d do just about anything for these shoes  !  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

The print details remind of one of my favorite artists (Peter Max)’s artwork


Peter Max “design for a paper airplanes book” (1971)

643493_in_pp682445_in_pp682467_in_ppPhotos from NET A PORTER

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