Mixtape: Lana Del Rey’s Paradise

I was on Facebook and my friend’s status update read “I honestly don’t understand how people aren’t spontaneously combusting all over the place because of Lana’s new album”. Obviously, anything stated that dramatically spikes my curiosity so I went ahead and downloaded Paradise.

First, I’d like to say that I’m incredibly jealous she covered “Blue Velvet” because that is something I’ve always wanted to do (it’s a beautiful rendition, however, so kudos Lana).

This EP is much darker and moodier than Born to Die, and her voice + the production is much stronger overall. Sure, she still incorporates rather embarrassing tongue-in-cheek-Lolita-lil’ rich girl lyrics under the influence of hip-hop, but the arrangements of each song are captivating. Her vocal range is really evolving and I enjoy all the girlish sighs and honest howls.

I must have played “Body Electric” at least 20 times: I love how gritty and emotional it is combined with the elegant string instruments. The single “Ride” is mainstream-accessible but has major quality, and my other favorites include “Gods and Monsters” and “Yayo”. I think I read that “Cola” is going to be the next single (no surprise due to the vulgar content) and even though the lyrics are indeed silly I still love the song- Definite guilty pleasure alert!

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