2012 calendar

Just received this adorable 2012 calendar by APAK.

Aaron Piland and Ayumi Kajikawa Piland are the duo known as APAK. They are a child-like husband and wife art team who live in a little cottage on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. They create artwork together as a way exploring the beauty, mystery, and magic of life as well as expressing their love for life and each other. They are known in particular for creating rich and colorful gouache/acrylic paintings on wood featuring the utopian lives and adventures of curious little beings living in lush fantastic environments surrounded by friendly little animals. It is their goal to bring something fresh, beautiful, and meaningful into the world in hopes of inspiring the next generation to live simply, peacefully, and in harmony with nature and each other. 

My top Twenty 2012 goals:

1. Redo my portfolio site and order new business cards

2. Pay off debts + improve credit score = become financially stable

3. Be less self-centered and more available to others

4. Visit Paris during fashion week and Portland, Oregon

5. Establish a warm, comfortable home for myself that I can live in for years to come

6. Paid photo gigs- focus on print more than online, increase income

7. Publish a poetry book and a photo book of female personalities

8. Take better care of myself (physically, mentally, cognitively) … easy enough, right?

9. Get more press and advertisers for Morning Passages

10. Cook more- eat out/order delivery less

11. Integrate Yoga into my life more frequently

12. Try to keep a more positive outlook- talk more encouragingly to myself, take up therapy to work on my struggles

13. More risks, more rewards- fill my life with the things (non-material) that make me a fulfilled person

14. Write one piece of poetry every day

15. Adapt play into a screenplay

16. Be generally braver, get out of my comfort zones

17. Start a savings account and manage my finances better

18. Spend more time with my best friends

19. Trust my intuition more and tolerate less bad behavior

20. Be less of a hermit and have a fun, amazing year

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